Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Abilene Donor Drive was a great success!

On Monday June 8th we had another Donor Drive for Sara in Abilene. With the help of her cousin Dr. and Mrs. Strader, one of Sara's dearest friends Janie the Abilene drive was incredible! We had 196 people come to the drive. What a huge blessing that was, the Abilene folks were so friendly and willing to help. Sara go to connect with old friends and people who just came because someone told them about it and they wanted to be able to save a life. God is so good! It put it in our hearts to love each other and to help each other and what better way than to give of yourself.

I need the people of Fort Worth to unite for this cause. We are having another drive on Thur. June 11th at Christ Chapel in FW right off Montgomery. The time will be form 11-7. What I need from everyone that is reading this blog is for you to send out an e-mail to all of your e-mail contacts and then have them send it out to all their e-mail contacts and before you know it we will beat the Abilene turn out. Come on FW I know you can do it. There is no better person to do this for than Sara! (She is truly an angel)

If you want more information on Bone Marrow Donation please go to or call me at 817-793-1146
I have great stories to tell you and Sara is going to the doctor today so I will have another post soon to give you an update.

Love to all,

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