Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dr's Apt May 18th

Sara went to the Doctor yesterday and none of the siblings were a match, so they went to the national registry to try to find a match. In the registry there are about 24 possible matches. The process now is the registry will contact those people to see if they will be a donor and then they will do more extensive testing to see if they are the best match for Sara. I am in the process of organizing a marrow donor drive for Sara, I don’t have a date yet but I am shooting for the week of the 25th, possibly the 28th. I have already been in contact with the national registry and we are just working out the date and location. Her new meds seem to be working and her white blood cell count went down a little so keep praying that it will continue to bring the count down. Sara is feeling good and she feels blessed to be able to share Jesus with people that she would normally not be with. She has so many stories about people that she has been in contact with and got to talk to while waiting in the Dr’s offices. She knows that God has a plan for her and she is trusting in Him 110%..Please pray for all the family as we all travel to Washington DC for Cliff’s graduation...I will be posting more info soon, just wanted to let you know the status of the Dr’s Apt. yesterday.
“See the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.” ~Isaiah 55:6

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